Feeling out of sorts

The last week people have commented on how they have been feeling unusually off balance, irritable, feeling lightheaded, severe headaches even migraines along with a lot of increased anxiety and old emotions coming to the surface that we thought we have dealt with normally grief. Our diet might have changed, like food doesn’t quite taste the same. You might have heightened psychic awareness and really vivid dream states. All over the world people are experiencing these same symptoms and one common denominator is the current solar flares and geomagnetic storm.

This storm is creating almost a storm within each cell of our bodies and you have a chance to really allow letting go of old patterns around whatever it is for you, and allow the universe to do an DNA upgrade and raise your vibrations. When we hold on to out dated patterns, behavior, grief during a geomagnetic storm the side effects on the human body are greater.

So what do you need to do:

Drink plenty of clean water
Eat high vibration food – whole food and preferably reduced or no meat
Walk outside in nature, take your shoes off
Be careful of how much caffeine you consume as the solar flares may increase the rate of heart palpitations.
Meditate or practice mindfulness
Make peace with what has caused you pain, give it love and release, it is time to step into the new you.

We are never really quite the same after solar flares come through, from a DNA point we can’t be, everything has been shaken up and maybe stirred but also moved on. See the beauty in this moment and please be patient with yourself and your fellow human, no one is immune to this. Love and blessings M

Carlini Institute

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