Reiki Kidz Program

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Reiki Kidz Program has been created to assist our beautiful generation of sensitive children to provide them a safe place to “Be” themselves.  The program is centered around understanding energy and how it affects the human body and their energy centres within them.

It is a jam packed 45 mins, with activities as mindfulness and meditation through movement. Where we can activities will be done outside to really allow access to the beautiful wisdom of Mother Nature. My Horizon has purpose built facility for our children to express themselves comfortably and safely.

Reiki Kidz Program has been adapted to assist our energetically sensitive children thrive in our current world.  This program came about as I am a mother of two highly sensitive children, what started out as food sensitives as new borns, became really clear as they got older to 3 yrs of age, they needed support with understanding how to process seeing and feeling energies such as ghosts and seeing aura’s, clairvoyance and clairvoyance.

As a parent who has walked this journey as a child and then adult, it was about giving them the tools to be able to create barriers of protection from the energy around them and to support their journey without making them think they were different from their peers. There are many challenges raising sensitive children as parents we can be their biggest support.

This program is as much about allowing your child to feel comfortable amongst their peers as it about giving you as parents the tools to assist your beautiful soul.

Topics :

  • Energy – your energy – chakras, aura’s
  • Feeling energy in others and in plants and animals.
  • Protecting yourself energetically.
  • Filling your body with good energy with what you eat, what you think and external influences such as foods, TV, devices affect us energetically
  • Impact of the energy from our outer universe on our bodies
  • Angels & Fairies, Spirit Guides
  • Crystals


*Weekly honoring the original ancestors of this amazing land we call home.

*Meditation & Mindfullness (we do this a little differently) it isn’t always sitting, we get up and move. It is about being which can occur anywhere not just sitting.

*Making marks on the groups story cloth, a traditional approach to honor the stories of our journeys, used by indigenous cultures in Australia, New Zealand.

*Making music with Crystal bowl playing, learning how vibration in music affects their bodies and every other cell in each organic item.

Painting their own totems for protection.

Making their own magical potion of their choice.

Painting their own feathers to use in a protection ceremony

Oracle card reading, how to trust intuitive messages.

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Reiki & Ashati Master/Teacher


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