Welcome Mercury Retrograde this is a time to release and to really to be an observer of your thoughts. Mercury Retrograde goes for 3 weeks  and  we will experience this three times this year.

It is an emotional power period and our mental state is greatly affected, you can feel a real buzz or some people might experience overwhelm. Your mental energy increases and you can really use this to expand through elements that you need to work through.

Do not fear an mercury retrograde, you can prepare and use this time to back up your computers. It gives us the opportunity to allow the universe to contribute 50% while we meet it. So do not be afraid to action something. Opportunity for more detailed information, but you are given energetic microscope to see clearer details of your life.

If you are creating a business in this time businesses that start in this period experience innovative and creative change and flexible and not set in stone, Disney and Microsoft began during a mercury retrograde, if you want a business that is more iron clad, you should wait until after April 16.

Be prepared to changes to travel, and remember everything that occurs will be for your higher good.

Mercury is closest to us and the sun in the solar system.  March 8 & 9 – March 22 what recurring themes occurred during this time and this will be your theme for the next three weeks of mercury. Mercury retrograde begins 22 to 23. The first 11 days will be the time to be an observer, detective and asking lots of questions, and the last half is about actioning those notes.

Post shadow from April 15 to May 3 which is the closing time period and tying up any loose ends that came up in March 8 & 9 – March 22.

Enjoy the energy of Mercury Retrograde, please be patient with yourself and with others who may not know what they do or say during this period.

Love and Light


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