Fluff your magic dragon

A great holiday activity for children & adults alike.

When you visit the beaches & parks & if you find a feather when you pick it up feel the energy in the feather, it will tell you whether it is meant for you or someone or something else. Feathers drop because they are no longer useful to the birds that once carried them. This feather may have traveled many miles & potentially over many oceans. It is important to acknowledge all that is this one feather for as part of a collective of feathers it gave lift to a beautiful bird 🦅 Now it will give lift to the right person.

Feathers like to be with other feathers so by making a wand you are giving your feathers a purpose & they love it. Everything in life must have a purpose.

So next is to find a nice solid stick not too long maybe 20 cm or 10 inches and paint your stick with bright colours, by holding your stick you will innately infuse it with your energy therefore giving it strength. Once the paint has dried then wrap your feathers around one end with string gently but firmly. If a feather keeps falling out then leave it out as it is saying it needs to be put with a different group of feathers.

Nothing in nature is forced it just is so never force a connection just allow.

Once the feathers are wrapped in twine. Give thanks for the energy they provide & set your wish/intention for what you wish this wand to do, giving it a purpose eg “ I intend this wand to clear & transmute negative energy from my home/room”

Have fun ❣️💖 #feathers #energycleansing #crafts #newbeginnings #universe #risingtidesociety #creativepreneur #theeverydayproject #thehappynow #followyourdreams #soulpurpose #lifepurpose #spiritualentrepreneur #youaretheone #1111 #simplythebest #gratitude #grateful #loveyourself

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