Using a Pendulum

How to choose a pendulum?

It is not so much you choosing the pendulum but rather the pendulum choosing you. When you are looking for a pendulum it is important to ask the pendulum in your mind are you for me?  You will feel the answer and for some hear the answer.

Before you first use your pendulum it is recommended to clear any energy, you can do this by sitting in rock salt the purer the better, putting outside in Full Moon or using Reiki energy to cleanse.

Each time you go to use your pendulum ask permission for it to work with you for the highest good of your client, then hold straight without moving or swaying your hand or arm and let it do it’s work. It is merely picking up the frequency that is being admitted by the recipient or object, everything is energy. The more clearer and purer the energy the more likely you will expect to see wide expansive circles, when the energy isn’t pure the pendulum will bounce from left to right or up and down but not in full circles.  Often practitioners use this as a visual tool to show their clients the before and after of their chakras and how they are moving more efficiently after being cleared.

The pendulum can also be used to help in some circumstances unblock chakras also, but I mainly use it for gauging the vibrational movement.  Below is a video on how I was able to answer a question on the quality of DoTERRA’s Jasmine Touch versus another brand which was also 100% pure.


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