Feeling Alone?

Humanity is going through rapid transformation, your cells in your body are being affected by the recent amplification of cosmic energy, this is super exciting, but it can be equally overwhelming.

All of a sudden you may have become sensitive, to food, noise, smells,certain friends or family, places, television, social media or the work you do. You may be really pushing away from anything that has a negative connotation.  You may find yourself becoming a very conscious consumer navigating your way through endless conversations of what the ingredients are where they have come from and was the process ethical.  I am not suggesting by any means that this is solely an example of you becoming more awakened, but rather if it wasn’t something that you were passionate about beforehand, I would feel very confident that the higher self is getting your attention by making sensible purchases you inevitably are raising your vibration at a cellular level. By choosing, the type of food you eat, the cleaning products, makeup, mode of transport, amount of time outside, how much time you spend with certain people are all impacting on your vibrational level.

We can no longer believe in the illusion that the world we live in is sustainable, we are awakening to a force that has always been available but has been somewhat less publicised and isn’t backed by big business or religious groups.  Connecting to your higher self benefits only YOU, not some multinational and in fact the more we connect to ourselves the less we are going to connect to low vibrational organisations who are not about working from the heart.

Employees are leaving their jobs or choosing to work part time to be participate more in living and leaving a legacy rather than being unhappy serving someone else’s desires that aren’t aligned to them.


However, the more you connect to your higher self the more you are therefore connecting to the collective consciousness and therefor wisdom.  You may even start feeling an energy or presence, you might feel a shift, your dreams might be vivid, taking you to far away places and you may find that new people are walking into your life with a very different perspective of life.

In the collective consciousness we understand that we are all ONE! That is right and that is why I feel my clients vibration, you are not separate from me and equally I am not separate from you.

There is also another phenomenon I have seen amongst my younger clients, children and teens and that is this generation are very good at ESP.  Extra sensory perception which as been also known as the 6th sense, however, I liken it to turbo charging the existing senses, sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. A lot of my younger children just happen to fall under the Autism Spectrum Disorder or have conditions that are sensory related.  What I have noted in all these children is they have the ability to read minds, even at young ages as young as 3 months I have seen awareness of other peoples emotions which is rather developed empath abilities for essentially a baby.  These children FEEL so much more, you can not hide the truth, they are truth tellers and exactly what humanity is craving right at this moment.

They have specific appetites they are very aware of what their bodies need and how much, many not eating much at all (I have a son who has been this way all of his 11 years). They don’t need technology although ironically it appears they crave it, it is imperative that parents of these children really make sure they have a lot of grounding by taking shoes off and going outside, as often their third eye is incredible overactive and it needs to just slow down and slightly close at least in the evening as they need to recharge, these children are most likely lightworking and would have pretty full on dreams, even though they may not remember and wake up tired.  So please reduce their exposure to social media, news or current affairs. As these children tend to be tech hungry, I would recommend doing other creative activities as these children are going to create technology humanity never knew could exist. I am currently working on my next children’s program the successor to the Jedi Program which is the Avatar Program. This will be for children 10 and above, this will show them how to really grow their energy and do some of what is considered out of this world activities.

The journey can be quite challenging, but as someone who has walked it is incredibly rewarding.  My need to heal others spilled over into my every day day job and it was permeating conversations with work colleagues, friends and family.  Suffice to say not everyone has been supportive and some people question the legitimacy of my work. I recognise that this is a part of my journey to have the naysayers or non believers, it really pushes me to continue my work and really inspires me to help as many people as possible.

However, my clients are just living proof that my work is real and it is creating real change in the life of my clients, it is empowering my clients to take back control of their lives and it is incredibly rewarding.  I urge anyone who is feeling stuck, who is feeling less than empowered in any area of their life to contact me.  Yes the work is different, my clients range from children, teens, adults, from parents, grandparents, trades people,  entrepreneurs, teachers, lawyers, doctors and spiritual healers.

Feel free to message me today at collectivebliss8@gmail.com . I look forward to supporting and kickstarting your journey within x With Love and Blessings Meryke (Rikki)





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