It is Ok to go within as long as you pop back out!

Winter Solstice is giving you permission to rest & recover from the previous crazy 6 months allowing you to become awakened, renewed & for some re invented.

So if you are feeling extremely blah, & just dang tired this most likely is contributing.

Eating yummy homemade soups are excellent they will take away the extra stress on your body allowing your organs to take their foot off the pedal after your crazy lifestyle ways.

Sleep, turn off & leave wifi Bluetooth devices in another room. Yes the world will still turn, & you won’t miss anything.

Reduce caffeine & alcohol & any stimulants, that includes ciggies. Drink lots of water, it seriously won’t kill you unless you get it bottled from Chernobyl.

My essential oil pick for the week & this period is Black or Pink Pepper this will help elimination & support you physically, emotionally & spiritually. Yes it will make you go to the loo but it is about time you release those nasty toxins.

Now my love, if your weekend calendar is double booked rethink & it is ok to politely decline. The universe needs you to rest.

Love & Blessings

Meryke Yvonne

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