Super New Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse

Welcome today Super New Moon 🌒 & Partial Solar eclipse.

Welcome the new into your life & on this Master Day Friday 13 July 2018 we lift & we release.

Symptoms of the energetic change you may be experiencing is lightheadedness, headaches for non headachy people or more for others. Just feeling off balance. Grounding & connecting to Gaia Mother Earth through whole plant food, water, walking outside & if possible in sunlight. Take a listen & look around in Mother Nature observe how the birds might be just a bit quieter, as we integrate the changes to our cells in each living organisms. If you have compromised immunity use this time to rest more & allow the work of the divine to do necessary repair work, the challenge will be that at soon as this energy shifts will be to resist the urge to take full advantage of the new found energy you may feel. Allow 21 days for your body to process & fully integrate this into each & every cell 💖🙏 Love & Blessings 💖🌒. #cellhealth #newmoon #supernewmoon #restart #newlife #newdirections #loveyourself #motherearth

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