Collective Bliss runs a series of workshops from the Jedi Program for children of various ages to workshops for adults. Just newly released is the Master YOUR Power program which has booked up quickly.

Jedi Training

For 5-8 year old boys and girls. This workshop is specifically created for children who are a sensitive to their environment. The program will teach them tools to protect themselves energetically and give them confidence to be themselves.


Spiritual Awakening Program (Bonus Lifetime Membership)

Are you feeling like something has shifted within you? Do you feel like you have no one to talk to about these changes? This an introductory program just for those who are awakening to a new sense of self. The program contains examples of what you might be feeling and advice on how best to support yourself through this development stage. Included are meditations and exercises. This is self paced, there is no length of time to complete this as this will form your reference tool should you choose to continue your learning journey through Collective Bliss. You will also have access to an ongoing closed group of support to share your experiences with other people who are also at various stages of the awakening process. Currently this closed group will be only available on Facebook, however, we are looking at creating a learning portal for all our learning modules. This program will automatically entitle you to Lifetime Membership and support for your soul journey and by having this membership you will be entitled to 10% discount on all our programs/workshops and treatments.



Metaphysical Energy Session

This session can be delivered in person or remotely. The session goes for 1 1/2 hours. It involves scanning the individuals energy and identifying any emotional blockages. These sessions are particularly useful if you are feeling like you are at a crossroad in your life and not quite clear on which of the roads to take. These sessions clear away what doesn’t serve you and therefor allowing you to more clearly see what action you need to take. It is a no nonsense approach and very matter of fact. The session may involve tarot cards, pendulums, essential oils and crystals are used to help heal any blocks and communicate messages from the energetic body. During these sessions there can be messages from past lives and in subsequent sessions there are often messages from the future. A crystal singing bowl is always used at the end (always at the prior approval of the client) to clear any energy that has started to shift.



A 90 Day Transformative Program giving you the tools and resources to transform aspects of your life and bring you into a place where you imagine to be. This is powerful and you are fully supported with three personal or remote sessions and weekly contact via phone or email (your choice). This is a perfect program if you are ready to change your life and remove the patterns that have kept you stuck.

Contact us by filling in the contact form below and we will contact you to arrange a time for us to book you in for a Discovery call so we can work out if we are a good fit to meet your needs.